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Today, one of our researchers noticed a fake version of uBlock Origin, uploaded on the 29th of September, on the Chrome Web Store. If ever you find yourself searching for the said app within the store, you'll want to avoid imitations.

Yes, it still is in the store as of now. However the email I received is titled "Chrome Web Store: Removal notification for uBlock Origin". In any case, it's just impossible for me to figure what is the issue. uBlock Origin: Der beste Adblocker für Microsoft Edge und Chrome

There is also a development version in the Chrome Web Store if you want to test uBlock Origin with the latest changes: see uBlock Origin dev build. It is expected that uBlock Origin is compatible with any Chromium-based browsers.

https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/ublock/ https://help.vivaldi.com/article/extensions/ https://www.vice.com/en_in/article/evy53j/google-struggles-to-justify-making-chrome-ad-blockers-worse https://www.techspot.com/news/81286-most-google-chrome-extensions-have-fewer-than-1000.html https://ublock.org/ https://decentsecurity.com/ublock-for-google-chrome-deployment https://ma.ttias.be/ublock/

Finally, an efficient blocker. Easy on CPU and memory.

Google's Chrome browser attempts to be the most comfortable and versatile browser out there. Here are 10 Chrome extensions you didn't know about but should be using. How to Download uBlock Origin Extension from Edge Add-Ons Store UBlock Origin is unlisted in Edge Insider Add-ons Store, In this blog post learn how to download uBlock Origin Extension from Edge Add-Ons Store The best ad blockers for Google Chrome - Botcrawl uBlock Origin is an efficient Chrome extension that blocks most advertisements including pop-up ads and pop-under ads that other Chrome extensions miss. Official uBlock Origin add-on lands for Firefox - gHacks Tech… uBlock Origin, a fork of the original uBlock extension, is now also available officially for the Firefox web browser.

A companion extension to uBlock Origin. Contribute to gorhill/uBO-Extra development by creating an account on GitHub.

uBlock Origin - Chrome Web Store - chrome.google.com Endlich ein effizienter Blocker. Prozessor-freundlich und bescheiden beim Speicherbedarf. uBlock Origin - Chrome Web Store - chrome.google.com uBlock₀ è un efficiente ad-blocker: occupa poca memoria e poca CPU, ma può usare migliaia di filtri in più rispetto ad altri software simili. uBlock Origin Extra - Chrome Web Store A companion extension to uBlock Origin: to gain ability to foil early hostile anti-user mechanisms working around content blockers.

uBlock Origin - Интернет-магазин Chrome Наконец-то, быстрый и эффективный блокировщик для браузеров. uBlock - Интернет-магазин Chrome Наконец-то, эффективный блокировщик для браузеров, не нагружающий ЦП и оперативную память. uBlock Origin Extra - Интернет-магазин Chrome A companion extension to uBlock Origin: to gain ability to foil early hostile anti-user mechanisms working around content blockers. uBlock Origin - Chrome Web Store

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Full list of changes in uBlock Origin for Chrome releases

Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin are the two most popular Adblockers on the Intenet. We compared them on -- Features, UI, Resouces, Support etc Google wants to end ad blocking in Chrome - Google | DSLReports… Forum discussion: https://9to5google.com/2019/05/29/chrome-ad-blocking-enterprise-manifest-v3/ "e;Back in January, Google announced a proposed change to Chrome’s extensions system, called Manifest V3, that would stop current ad blockers… uBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus - Which Adblocker to Choose in… Confused between in choosing uBlock Origin and Adblock Plus? Then Check out this in-depth comparison between the two most popular Ad blockers of all time. 12 Best Google Chrome Plugins - TutorialChip